Generating energy from ocean current

The need for alternative, pollution-free and renewable energy (or green energy) has been of interest due to the rising price, diminishing source and last but not least, the pollution coming from the use of petroleum.  The other source of energy like nuclear also leads to environmental problem.  The hydro-energy from dams causes the same problem in the form of blocking the migration of fish or other animal, as well as affecting the lower stream flow.

The source of this green energy may come in the form (1) tidal, (2) wave, (3) thermal or OTEC (Ocean Thermal Energy Converter), (4) ocean current, (5) wind, (6) biomass, (7) solar and (8) geothermal energies. Note that the first four come from the ocean. Among these sources, the one generated from the ocean current received the least attention with no major facility exists at present.

My idea is using my proposed floating tied system developed for offshore airport or port as the platforms to support ocean current energy converter system.   As shown in the figure on the right eight platforms in two groups support frame system (shown schematically as thick blue lines) that holds the turbines (shown as circles).  The turbines are rotated with the help of connecting "belt" (shown as magenta line).  Here we make use of ocean current to push the belt through series of "plates" (shown as red curved lines) hinged to the belt.   The plates will open in the direction of the current and closed (by the current) when they are at the face moving against the current.