My Interests

My engineering interest

My interest is in developing innovative engineering systems:

Floating airport or floating port. 

The need to have floating airport may arise in the land-scarce countries or as military base where inland airport is deemed to be politically infeasible.  My proposed concept of floating airport or port is shown in the right figure.   Read more ....

New construction system for underwater tunnel

There are two present underwater tunnelling methods: bored tunnel and immersion tube.  To be precise the former is actually under the sea or river bed while the latter sits on it.   My proposed method offers an alternative to the latter. Read more ..... 

Alternative Counter-weight for pile load test

When engineers conduct pile load test they usually use concrete blocks to act as counter weight or adjacent piles to resist the jacking force to the test pile.   Instead of heavy concrete blocks I propose to use water filled FRP containers.  Read more ,,,,

Ocean Energy Converter System

Due to environmental impact on the main source of energy we use today, be it fossil fuel, nuclear and hydro energy we talk more on green energy, i.e. energy source that has no or little impact on the environment.  Among the sources of this green energy the one generated from ocean current receive less attention.   Read more ....

Fossilized skeleton of Triceratops
Alberta Royal Tyrrell Museum

A scene from Alberta Royal Tyrrell Museum
Mammoth being attacked by saber-toothed cat

A pair of ducks swimming in Bow river, Calgary (May 2005)

A family of Canadian geese resting on the bank of Bow river, Calgary (May 2005)



My personal interest
  • I like travelling especially to countries rich in culture and history.  

  • I love nature and my favourite animal is the big cats (leopard, tiger, lion etc.)

Fossilized skeleton of Allosaurus
Alberta Royal Tyrrell Museum